Useful Information

Please choose from these three categories


What do I need in order to:

  1. make a reservation?
  2. purchase a ticket or package?
  3. get my travel documents and how long does it take?
  4. commence my journey?
  5. cancel my trip and/or get a refund?
  6. rebook/exchange my flight?
  7. travel with my child or children or put them on a flight alone?
  8. travel with my pet?
  9. request seat assignment or a special meal?
  10. claim my lost luggage or compensation for damaged one?
  11. have assistance for an elderly person or for somebody with a disability?
  12. get peace of mind that everything is O.K.?

Useful Links

Access various information via recommended links

  1. GTAA - Greater Toronto Airports Authority
  2. RBC Insurance
  3. Official Information from the Goverment of Canada
  4. TripAdvisor
  5. Luggage allowance for major airlines
  6. Travel related directories or organizations sites

Download Documents

Documents you can or have to use

  1. Credit Card Authorization Form
  2. Invitation