Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need in order to:

  1. make a reservation?

    In order to make a reservation you will need to know the following:

    • the date and destination you wish to travel
    • the name(s) of the passenger(s) as they appear on their travel documents required for your destination
    • the date of birth for infants, children or seniors (required to justify the special fare accordingly) as well as for any customer purchasing travel insurance (rates are based on age groups)
    • the contact information including address, phone number and an e-mail address

  2. purchase a ticket or package?

    To purchase a ticket, a vacation package, a travel insurance or any other service you can pay by:

    • a valid major credit card (preferably issued in the name of one of the passengers for over the phone sales as well as a filled out Credit Card Authorization Form) or
    • a bank transfer (the issuing of the tickets is delayed until the amount appears into our account) or
    • cash (in our office only)

  3. get my travel documents and how long does it take?

    In order to receive your travel documents we need the information from Questions 1. and 2.

    Once being paid in full the documents are requested from airlines and travel suppliers and, in most cases:

    • airline tickets and travel insurance are issued within 12 - 48 hours
    • other travel documents are released 14 days prior to travel
    We will send these documents to you electronically by e-mail the moment we receive them from the respective vendor. By request only (we are trying to be eco-friendly) we can mail the documents by Canada Post mail.

    Note: Please print a copy of the ticket

  4. commence my journey?

    To be able to travel outside Canada you will need:

    • a valid passport (there are different requirements by foreign authorities but generaly a passport should be valid for at least six more months from the date of departure)
    • some countries require an entry visa to be obtained before departure. It is your responsibility to contact the embassy or consulate of the destination country to find out their requirements before purchasing your tickets/packages.
    • a valid Permanent Resident Card (if you do not travel with a Canadian Passport) in order to re-enter Canada
    • a valid travel document (for your protection some airlines also might require that you show the credit card used to purchase your ticket): e.g. e-ticket, hotel voucher etc.

    Note 1: Some airlines allow you to do the check-in online on their website. As a result you will be able to print out your boarding pass and you will go to a fast track counter to check-in your luggage. Please observe the rules for this procedure with the respective airline.

    Note 2: Due to high volume traffic and security check delays please try to be in the airport 3 hours before departure for any international flights (mandatory for some airlines). There is a check-in closing time and last minute delays might result in your luggage missing the flight.

    Note 3: For your return flight we recommend you confirm your booking information directly with the airline 72 hours before the take-off. We will do our best to keep you informed of any flight schedule changes or cancellations so we kindly ask you to check your e-mail during your trip, or before your departure, when possible

  5. cancel my trip and/or get a refund?

    If you need to cancel your trip and get a refund or if your trip gets cancelled and you need to get a refund you will need:

    • a ticket that allows partial or total refund (please check the conditions at purchase with your agent) if the cancellation is your choice, and only your aknowledgement for cancellations due to the vendor or carrier
    • to be in the accepted time frame (some tickets have variable conditions based on time left to the departure date); you cannot option to cancel a ticket after the check-in closes since that ticket is flagged as a "no show" with the airline
    • a death certificate or doctor/hospital released document if the nature of the cancellation is due to a death in the family or an injury or ilness.

    Note 1: We always recommend RBC travel insurance to protect you against unforeseen medical emergencies which would affect your holiday investment.

    Note 2: Most airlines charge a cancellation fee. Please check the terms with your agent. These terms should also be printed on one of the documents issued to you at the time of purchase.

    Note 3: We strive to get your refund processed as soon as possible. Unfortunately some of the processing is out of our control and we need to advise you that it might take up to 12 weeks for some cases. Until now in our agency the longest refund was under 4 weeks.

  6. rebook/exchange my flight?

    To reschedule outbound or inbound dates you need to have a ticket that allows, in its rules, such a procedure, and you have to request it before the original booked date. On some airlines this is done with a rescheduling fee and this information should be printed on one of the documents issued to you at the time of purchase. If a flight is cancelled by the airline, before getting a refund you have the option to rebook on a priority and availability basis. Please check with your agent all the terms and conditions.

  7. travel with my child or children or put them on a flight alone?

    You have to be aware of the following facts:

    • Children under the age of 2 years old (considered at the time of the return date of the trip) are called infants and can fly without a seat (usually free of charge for domestic flights and 10%-20% of the adult fare on international flights - please check with your agent).
      • You can request a baby cradle/bassinet (for infants up to 6-9 months and max. 10 kg) on long-haul routes (please check with your agent or the airline).
      • You can also ask for special baby and child meals (in Economy Class on flights of 3 hours and above)
      • We encourage you to show up early at the airport, even if your basinet is confirmed, in order to avoid any issues with the airline.
      • You may bring different models of child seats along. Due to safety reasons such seats may only be used during flight when the fasten seat belts sign is switched off. The bottom of the seat may not exceed 40 x 40cm (15.7 x 15.7inch).
      • You may take your baby stroller up to 10kg to the aircraft where it will be loaded by the staff. Strollers weighing more than 10kg must be checked in.
      • You can option for a full seat but you may have to pay a full child fare.
      • Note: You need to have a copy of the birth certificate with you to confirm the age with the airline
    • Children between the age of 2 and 12 years old can get child fare on most airlines, charged 70% to 80% of the adult fare (please check with your agent).
    • In most of the cases if a person younger than 18 years old is traveling abroad alone (see requirements for unaccompanied minor) or with only one parent or another adult, certified documentation proving that the trip is permitted by both parents should be carried (certified consent letter). For many countries you must contact local authorities of the country you are planning to visit to find out what other documentation you may need. All passengers, regardless of age, need a passport to travel abroad.
    • In order to send a child on a flight unaccompanied you have to check with the airline or your agent if that is possible. Some airlines do not accept unaccompanied minors or have specific rules.
      • Generally, for minors between the age of 5 and 12 years old it is mandatory to ask for the unaccompanied minor service and a fee is usually charged at check-in for the service. Be advised that even though they can fly on nonstop, direct, or connecting flights, usually they are not accepted on the last connecting flight of the day.
      • With unaccompanied minor service, the airline will usually want to know who is meeting the minor at the destination. Proof of identification for the receiving adult is often required. Forgetting this required identification can cause unpleasant delays so make sure you know the airline's expectations.
      • Unaccompanied minor request usually needs to be confirmed for all segments of the minor's flight. Standby reservations are not allowed on any leg of the trip.
      • The airline will require you fill out a handling advice form at the airport
      • Do not forget that you need a consent letter from both parents. Again, please check with your agent all these aspects prior to purchasing tickets and to inquire about unaccompanied minors.
      • Please remain at the airport until the child's flight has actually taken off!

  8. travel with my pet?

    Most airlines allow small pets in the cabin of some of their aircraft. There are restrictions and only a limited amount of animals are allowed per flight. Bigger pets are only accepted as cargo and special procedures are required. Our recommandation is to not purchase a ticket for yourself first, in case the flight selected already has its "pet allotment" filled or does not accept pets. Based on your international destination, there may be additional restrictions and requirements (health certificates, vaccines, quarantines at arrival etc.). The airline has the latest information regarding their requirements and can provide further details.

  9. request seat assignment or a special meal?

    Our agency always tries to book you preffered seating in the airplane and you will have the confirmed seat selection on your e-ticket. In some cases the airlines might use their right to annule our seat selection and redistribute the seats according to their special needs (group bookings, people with special needs, last minute change of the aircraft etc.). All passengers on the same booking will be seated together. Since the flight map is opened to selection only a certain number of days before the departure date, please keep in touch with your agent if you book your flight several months in advance.
    Regarding requesting a special meal please let your agent know your dietary needs at the time of booking.

    Note: Most airlines will attempt to accommodate seating and meal requests, however these are not guaranteed.

  10. claim my lost luggage or compensation for damaged one?

    While most airlines operate an automated internal system for tracking luggage, travel agencies do not have access to these systems. Your best course of action regarding lost luggage is always to contact the airline office on arrival directly. You will need to provide:

    • Luggage claim ticket number(s)
    • Flight information
    • Dimensions of piece(s) lost
    • Colour
    • Material (soft or hard-sided)
    • Brand if available
    • In the case of damaged luggage please make the complaint right away showing what you are claiming

    Note: We recommend that you use an address tag on your luggage and a phone number where you can be reached. Also you can place a paper with your contact information in the luggage itself. Be advised that according to statistics last minute check-in or short connecting times on multi-segment flights result in having the luggage sent to destination on the following flight.

  11. have assistance for an elderly person or for somebody with a disability?

    In both cases we recommend that you request a wheelchair, especially if the person does not speak an international language. This will ensure that the person gets picked up at the aircraft and transported to the next terminal or to customs through to the exit.

  12. get peace of mind that everything is O.K.?

    First of all you need to know that all the services purchased through our agency are protected by the travel compensation fund, overseen by the Ontario government. This means that in the event of financial insolvency by any carrier or provider, your hard earned dollars are protected. You do not have to be a resident of Ontario for this, as long as you have booked with a registered Ontario travel agency, your funds are protected. Our Ontario registration no. is 50017862. We highly recommend RBC travel insurance to protect you against unforeseen medical emergencies which would affect your holiday investment.

    Make sure that:

    • your passport expiry date is at least 6 months after your departure date;
    • the names on the travel documents are spelled exactly like they are in the passport;
    • the travel dates are the ones you have requested;
    • you have with you all the documents required to travel or by the destination country (e.g. a valid visa, vaccines, consent forms if your child/children is/are traveling with only one parent etc.)
      Note: We recommend that you check with the consulate or embassy of the travel destination country what are their requirements and always write down the name of the person who gave you the information
    • if possible, you leave your contact information during the trip with your travel agent so that we can keep you informed in case any of your trip details get changed during your trip